Vehicle Fleet

We continuously modernise and develop our vehicle fleet, knowing that one of the keystones of our success is the perfect technical state of our vehicles.

At the moment, our company performs carriage by means of 33 tarpaulin trucks, all of them being equipped with antiskid control, cargo fastening system, edge guards and replacement pallets, ensuring the secure fastening of the cargo items.

Each of our trucks is equipped with a GPS tracker device in order that we can give you accurate information on the whereabouts of your shipment at any time of the day.

Vehicle Fleet

Our vehicles conform not only to the highest technical standards of today but also to the environmental requirements: we work with trucks classified into the environmental classes EURO 5, EURO 6 and EEV.

Each of our trailers is equipped with pallet-racks, tarpaulin curtain side walls, portal doors and XL certificates, and can be loaded/unloaded with a crane.

Motor vehicle fleet:


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